Frísco Disco Tumbler

Frísco Disco Tumbler


Feast your eyes on the hottest, funnest, drinkware you’ve ever seen, the ‘Frísco Disco’! This is a silver disco ball plastic drink tumbler with Lid & Reusable Straw - 16 oz

This BPA-free plastic cup holds up to 16 oz of your favorite cocktail or other cold beverage and comes with a reusable plastic straw and lid for spill-free sipping all night long. More importantly, it looks just like small, multi-faceted disco ball, complete with a shiny, reflective surface.


  • Made of shiny plated, BPA-free plastic

  • Screw on lid

  • Reusable plastic straw

  • Perfect for parties of all kinds including.

  • Hand wash only

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