Wine Enthusiast Scores Frísco with 92 points and Best Buy rating!


We've been excited about Frísco for a while and appreciate all the support we've been getting from our fans #friscofriends. Now the Wine Enthusiast has gone and given us a 92 and BEST BUY rating! Yes, Frísco 'echos of tropical fruit' from 100% California grapes and has a dangerously smooth finish that is winning over everyone!

Haven't gotten to try Frísco, that wonderful nectar of the gods, yet?  Well, now you can order it online (click button below) it's so easy. 


92 Frísco Brandy (USA; North Channel Spirits, San Francisco, CA). This pisco- inspired immature brandy is made from California grapes. It’s clear in the glass, with a sweet, distinctly fruity scent. The palate echoes that sweetness, warming all the way down and finishing with an echo of tropical fruit. Mix into cocktails and you just might fool your favorite pisco-lover.
Best Buy. abv: 45% Price: $35