Communication Arts: Features Frísco as a webpick

Mucho Design Studio, a Brooklyn-based design firm currently working in Colombia and abroad with international talent, partnered with San Francisco–based distillers to create Frísco, a bold American take the natively Chilean and Pervuian grape-based liquor pisco. To communicate Frísco’s unquenchable thirst for adventure, desire for growth through exploration and passion for global travel, Mucho Design Studio designed and developed a branding system and website that reflects its values, as well as its relationship with the city of San Francisco and the diversity of its partnership. For the site, the design firm assembled a team of international photographers and producers to capture the pisco brand in lifestyle imagery and to show its versatility through cocktail recipes. With these assets, the site acts as a communications tool to connect Frísco to a community of mixologists and enthusiasts.

Frísco’s first challenge as a brand was how to communicate to site visitors what pisco is and how it can be used in cocktails. Initially, special focus was placed on a part of the site where potential customers could find cocktail inspiration, fans could submit recipes and visitors could see the craft behind Frísco’s distilling process. As demand for the liquor has grown, Mucho Design Studio created an interactive map for people to find Frísco for sale at bars, restaurants or retailers in the New York City metropolitan area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, the design firm and the distillers are working on an e-commerce platform that will enable customers to buy Frísco directly from the site.