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This is a part-time position, specifically focusing in San Francisco. Your job will be to maintain 25 key accounts a month, host staff trainings and make yourself available for DEMOS and events when Market Manager needs you to fill in. Your pay will be based on performance and menu placements.
•    Part-time Position (15 hours/week)
•    $800 Per Month (+menu placements) 
•    $300 Expense Allowance  

Bonus Breakdown:
•    Paid at the end of each month based on menu placements & growth
•    Must visit 5-7 accounts per week (cold call or with appointments)
•    1 Staff training a month
•    $300 for the first 5 menu placements, $500 for 10, $750 for 15 and $1,000 for 20.
Must turn in weekly recap at the end of the week (Friday by 8pm, no later than Monday by 10am) listing where you’ve been, who you spoke to and a brief summary of how account visit went. **Following up with accounts is key to get on the menu**
You will need to keep track of your menu placements by taking photos and emailing them to me at the end of each month.

You are representing the brand so it’s important to consider the key components of Frísco. We are passionate about life and want that to come through in the brand.

  • Driven – This is probably the most important, given the considerable portion of commission and room to grow with the company.

  • Communicative – We are a team, let us know how things are going, and how we can help. Our support system starts with communication.

  • Administration - The role does require record keeping and administration of your accounts so being basic computer literate is a must.

  • Outgoing – Frísco is a fun liquor! Be comfortable striking a conversations and talking to new people. Social networking in real life (first) and social media (second).

  • Stylish – A simple but important task is to be presentable. We are a casual team but we do represent a brand that wants to do business.

  • Knowledgeable – Well versed in spirits, cocktails and or willing to learn.

  • Transport – Driver’s license required, car strongly preferred.

If you’re interested in joining the team take the first step and get in touch. We are looking to rapidly grow in the Bay Area and nationally and availability to join may vary moving forward. Frísco’s going to have a busy few years, so get involved now!  





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