Sales and Ambassador Program

The team is looking for an exciting and outgoing person, ideally with a spirit's background, to help spread the Frísco gospel. Given that we are a small team this will be an important role within the company, with clear goals, and shared accomplishments. Right now there are two key responsibilities to the role, though the role can quickly grow into a more integral part of the business.


  • Sales – Working with the CEO, you will identify and reach out to Bars, Restaurants, Retail managers, and owners who might buy Frísco. Your mission, convince and excite trending spots about how awesome Frísco is! You will need to monitor your hours, invoicing, tracking, and delivery while we get started.

  • Events – You will prep sample drinks, speak to customers about Frísco, and ensure an overall good time. Tasks will vary but you will be a part of the overall logistics and production behind the event.

You are representing the brand so it’s important to consider the key components of Frísco. We are passionate about life and want that to come through in the brand.

  • Driven – This is probably the most important, given the considerable portion of commission and room to grow with the company.

  • Communicative – We are a team, let us know how things are going, and how we can help. Our support system starts with communication.

  • Administration - The role does require record keeping and administration of your accounts so being basic computer literate is a must.

  • Outgoing – Frísco is a fun liquor! Be comfortable striking a conversations and talking to new people. Social networking in real life (first) and social media (second).

  • Stylish – A simple but important task is to be presentable. We are a casual team but we do represent a brand that wants to do business.

  • Knowledgeable – Well versed in spirits, cocktails and or willing to learn.

  • Transport – Driver’s license required, car strongly preferred.


  • Sales – Competitive commission salary basis. We will provide a backstop while you get started to get a feel for it. Eventually you should build a nice book for yourself.

  • Events – Competitively hourly pay based on location and size of the event.

  • Perks – The lifestyle that Frísco aspires to represent includes taking risks, traveling, taking on adventures, and embodying the bold side of your personality. Drinking and exploring new cocktails, being highly social and enjoying life.  

    • Awesome parties.

    • Improving your cocktail expertise.

    • Frísco Swag.

    • Travel opportunities.

    • Learning how to grow a business.

    • Growth potential within the Frísco business.

    • Equity opportunities as the role grows.

If you’re interested in joining the team take the first step and get in touch. We are looking to rapidly grow in the Bay Area and nationally and availability to join may vary moving forward. Frísco’s going to have a busy few years, so get involved now!  





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